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Entry Services / Work Permit, UAE

Besides the formation of your company in UAE, We ensure that all our clients will get entry permit for their workers and obtaining labor cards from the ica department. We have strong experience to get all possible clearance in accordance with the passport,business clearnce, immigration, company license..etc.

Entry and Procedures:

Long term employee assignments in UAE require a work permit (also known as a Labor Card), and there are multiple detailed rules that have to be followed.  Some of these steps will take place prior to the employee entering the UAE, while others can be taken after arrival. Once finalized, a work permit is typically valid for two years.

1.Quota Approval

The first step towards getting the Entry permit (and work permit) is to get quota approval from the mol, and the employer will apply for this on behalf of the employee. This typically takes three working days to get approval.

2.Job Offer Contract and Signature

The next step is sending the job offer contract for the employee’s signature, and having them return it to the employer. It must be in English and Arabic, as well as the employee’s native language (if that is different). This can be expedited electronically and completed in two working days.

3.Work Permit, UAE: Approval Application

Before the Entry permit is issued, the work permit application must be approved. During this approval process, the Ministry of Labour usually bases its decision on whether there are no unemployed UAE citizens who could perform the job, and that the sponsor is a registered UAE corporate entity. Otherwise, the approval should be granted. 3-5 days

4.Employment Entry 

Upon receipt of work permit approval, the Ministry issues an Employment Entry which allows applicants to legally enter the UAE. This permit is valid for 2 months from the date of issue and allows the holder to remain in the UAE for a period of 30 days. Time process 3 working days.

5.Entry to UAE with new entry permit in Abu Dhabi / Change of Status

There are two options to enter the country and begin the work permit process.  If the Entry was ready prior to arrival, then the employee picks it up on arrival at the airport.  If the employee was already in the UAE on another type of Entries, they will have to apply for a entry ‘change of status’ after the entry permit is issued (or they can leave and re-enter the country with the Entry Permit). Once the employee enters the country, they have sixty days in which to complete all the formalities required to get a work permit and residency.

6.Medical Screening

The UAE requires all foreigners to go through a medical screening before the work permit can be issued.

7.EID Application/Biometrics

The employee then needs to go to the national id service center after getting the relevant form typed.


A signed contract must also be submitted as part of the work permit application

9. Step to Insurance

10.Residence Stamping in Passport

All expat workers and their family members will need a residence to legally live in UAE. 

We Ignite representation of companies will assist you to get Family ,Visit , work permits, entry permits, residency and Emirates IDs.