2. Freelance License

Freelance License

Freelance License Permit in Abu Dhabi, UAE

UAE government has recently announced the introduction of a new freelancer license which covers 48 various business activities and which allows the license holder to carry out their business activity from their place of residence or any other authorized  locations.

This license will allow business in Abu Dhabi to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise that already exists in marketplace. This freelancer license is now in mainland Abu Dhabi and the range of activities is much more comprehensive.

The freelance license in Abu Dhabi is initially 2 year period and then annual renewal is required. No UAE partners/share holder / Office is required. This can be 100% foreign owned.

Advantages of freelancer license.

  1. The freelancer license avoids the requirements for your business to employ people in full time positions or services which are only needed in different periods.
  2. No office or Tawtheeq is required to obtain license.
  3. Freelancer license will allow the expert professionals to achieve work permit without necessity of company sponsorship.
  4. The freelance license holder can sponsor his/her family members under them.
  5. Freelancer license develop increase income of different sectors such as retirees, house wives, students..etc
  6. Freelance license will provide freedom to work from distance or any other authorized locations.

Activities included under freelance license

The Abu Dhabi department of economic development has selected the following 48 business activities which can be practiced with the new freelancer license.

Onshore And Offshore Oil And Gas Fields And Facilities Services
Textiles and Wearing Apparel Silk-Screen Printing
Plastering & Carving works
Advertising services through websites
E-Commerce Through Websites
E-Commerce Through Social Media
Space Consultancies
Computer Systems and Software Designing
Electronic Chips Designing and Programing
Designing The Databases
Network Websites Designing
Computer Devices And Equipment Domain Consultancy
Information Technology Consultancy
Information Technology Network Services
Cyber Security Consultancy
Cyber Risk Management Services
Banking Services Consultancy
Real Estate Consultancy
Tax Consultancy
Accounting Records and Books Keeping organization
Analyzing of Accountancy and Auditing System
Public Relations Consultancy
Economical Feasibility Consultancy And Studies
Administrative Consultancy And Studies
Oil and Gas Consulting
Media Consultancy and Studies
Quality, Standardization and Measuring Consultancy
Human Resources Consultancy
Plague Resisting Consultancy
Fine Arts Consultancy
Spa & Fitness Clubs Consultant
Consultancy Project Development
Consulting Audit Legitimate Transactions Of Islamic Financial
Procurement Consulting
Heritage Consulting
Food Safety Consulting
Consulting Technical Equipment And Technical
Logistics Consultancy
Parliamentary Consultancy
Tourism & Recreation Consultants
Maritime Consultancies Services
Innovation & Artificial Intelligence Research & Consultancies
Architectural Production and Drawing Technical Consultancy
Commodities Designing Consultancy
Green Buildings Consultant
Consulting and Advertising Studies
Marketing Consultancy And Studies
Marketing Operations Management
Statistical Services Consultancies
Marketing consultancy in the field of energy
Fashion And Clothes Designing
Jewelry Design, Jewelry, Precious
Design services
Photography Services
Personal Videotaping
Parties and Occasions Photographing
Translation Publications Services
Agricultural Extension Services
Lifestyle Development Consultancy
Landscape And Gardening Services
Project Management Services
Parties and Events organizing
Handcrafted Products and Environmental Works
Artwork For Cosmetic Craft (Sculpture)
Calligraphers and Painters
Coordination of Natural and Artificial Flowers
Working Soap forming


Procedure to obtain the freelancer license

You should ensure you have the following documents:

Abu Dhabi freelance visa requirements -

  • Proof of relevant skills in the activity you intend to practice. This can be in the form of a university degree or other certificate demonstrating related expertise. The degree, high level qualification or certification of experience will need to be attested, legalized and legally translated with a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) stamp for use in the UAE.
  • A No Objection letter (NOC) from your employer. – This is a requirement if you are a resident and you are working in the government sector or you are working in the private sector on a permanent contract doing an activity which is similar to the one which you are applying to do on the freelancer license.
  • If you are not already a UAE resident, then you will need to be on a UAE visit visa or UAE tourist visa and we will need you UID number to be able to apply for the freelance visa. Your UID number can be found on the tourist visa stamp in your passport or can be obtained from the UAE Immigration system.

If you are working in the private sector on a part time basis, then an NOC letter is unnecessary.

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