3. Pro services in Abu Dhabi

PRO Services

Professional PRO services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

We provide economic, reliable and efficient PRO Services to small, medium and large scale companies. Our professional team has excellent experience with all government departments which makes us offer to our clients provide reliable and cost effective solutions to their company and visa requirements.

Our custom made CRM software “IgniTech” alerts our clients on their deadline, expiry and renewal. Our software will send you reminders of green , yellow and red alerts on the deadlines of all your documents depending upon the emergency of the action required. “IgniTech analyze the progress of our clients applications and keeps our clients fully informed and up to date with latest status which enable them to comply the local regulations while also keeping their cost down only to what is essential. The software along with our PRO and Government Liaison specialists provide most economical solutions which enable your company to get off the ground in a great pace and lot more easier.

Ignite Representation of Companies,  has been established as a complete professional solution provider for your business and personal documentation requirements. We will remove the complexity and minimize the time and eliminate the stress of all kind of documentation with PRO services all over the UAE . Our expert professional team analyzes the challenges that are faced by the companies in the Region and develops quality solutions at offering clear and optimized commercial direction incorporates with a deep knowledge and understanding of UAE Market.

Why ignite..?  (Leave Documentation to us, you relax with your core business)

  •     Remove the requirement of your company to hire an own PRO and Administration team.
  •     We maintain a customized CRM alert System “igniTech” that programmed to provide timely reminders on deadline, Expiry and Renewal.
  •     We collect our service related documents from your premises and deliver after completion.
  •     Prevent fines and reduce delays and downtime by ensuring all your processes are completed before Expiry or        Dead line.
  •     Full transparency on process steps and costs.
  •     Minimum involvement of client resources.
  •     Allow you to focus on your core business.

Our Services

  •     Company Set up
  •     PRO services.
  •     All kind of Visa services (Employment, Investor, Family, Servant...etc)
  •     Ministry of Labor
  •     Tas-heel Services
  •     Department of Residency
  •     Businessman Services
  •     Health Insurance Card
  •     Emirates ID services.
  •     Medical for Visa
  •     WPS and payroll registrations.
  •     Legal translations.
  •     Department of Economic Development services
  •     Attestation Services
  •     Judicial Department and Notary Services
  •     Power of Attorney & MOA forms
  •     Tenancy Contract Attestation (Tawtheeq)
  •     POA and authorized signatory services.
  •     Offshore & Security Passes (CICPA)